Posted by: calakan | January 16, 2009

english day

okay, now i’ll post my journal in english. i know i’m not fluent in english, but i want to improve my english skill so please be nice to me i mean please be “maklum” i don’t know the phrase in english for Indonesian words of “maklum” enough for the chit chat, let’s see what i’ll write here… mmhh…

okay, i’ll tell you about just now what i’ve been doing. This morning not as ussual (i know this sound ridiculous sentence, i don’t know how to say indonesian sentence “tidak seperti biasanya” in english)  or should i say : this morning different from othersday, or the day i used to be ? ooh God, my english skill is very poor… but hey, don’t be discourage let’s move on….

okay, continuing my story of this morning. i woke up erlier, well actually i woke up at 3 a.m in the morning and i’m very *doh what the words of indonesian “niat” in english? urge ? ok, i’m very urge to night prayer or “shalat malam”, after a long time periode i’ve try to wake up early i failed, last morning i’ve succed. but, even i’ve been woke up and have very urge to do night prayer unfortunatelly when i’ve try to remember what dream i have before suddenly i feel lazy to do my night prayer, hiks… i’ve to take a bath first… and my urge to night prayer failed again, may Allah forgive my lazines to take a bath!


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