Posted by: calakan | July 10, 2009


tidak lebih dari 2 bulan lagi akan memasuki bulan suci ramadhan, pengen khatam qur’an sebelum ramadhan tiba euy… tapi sanggupkah? dengan kemalasan tingkat tinggi…

anyway, tenang rasanya kalau bisa shalat di mesjid… pengen jadi orang2 yang rindu dengan mesjid, wew kapan atuh bisa kayak gituh?

man… live so short… why we bother with all the things that won’t help us go to paradise? why we like to play around with our time? how long we’re gonna so ignorance… aaah…

or this is just my excuse to runaway from my “not well” hearth in a couple days … ya Allah, You’re the only one who can help me… please give Your guidance.

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